Watch Julio de Gibara - 7 minute student project


Class project from the April 2016 workshop. We follow one of Gibara's most beloved characters. Julio finds meaning in his life through the most basic of Cuban expressions: music. This project went from an idea to a Rough Cut during our 8 day stay in Gibara. Subtitles, audio work and pacing were additions after returning to the States.

As the head of Laughing Dog Productions, Tom produced, shot, wrote and edited his own films for 15 years. His assignments have taken him from the war-torn streets of Afghanistan to Central American rainforests in search of jaguars. Tom's teaching method developed over 13 years as a faculty member at Maine Media Workshops.


An adventurous French-Canadian journalist who tracks down and interviews extraordinary people living ordinary lives, Dominique wrote for the French magazine Vitality for over a decade. A dynamic business woman, Dominique represents the logistical aspect of Cinewright. A storyteller, writer, interviewer and manager, Dominique is a true Cinewright.