Documentary Workshops, Cuba

Nov 26th-Dec 4th, 2016
Jan 14th-22nd, 2017
Feb 18th-26th, 2017

Mar 18th-26th, 2017
Apr 8th-16th, 2017

Click here to see student project form April 9th-17th, 2016

Create a short documentary with a National Geographic & Discovery Channel Filmmaker in one of the world's true exotic locations: Gibara, Cuba

Wrighting a film:

To be a Cinewright means crafting every aspect of a film: finding the story, producing, filming, editing, writing and outputting the final piece. Not only does this method provide an intimacy with the subject, but each step of the filmmaking process informs and builds upon the others. This is by no means a purely technical endeavour. We use our skills for the service of story. As cinewrights, we get our hands dirty because we believe filmmaking is living the production. The philosophy mirrors the current approach of the industry. With smaller budgets, filmmakers are called upon to do it all.

Wright: [noun] One who constructs. Thus the playwright, millwright and cinewright are artisans who have mastered the skills necessary to create in their fields.

The Cinewright Workshop

For the cinewright, "workshop" is verb. The process is experiential learning. We will workshop an idea through each phase of production to its final output. Morning classes introduce the documentary process from preproduction to shooting and editing. Students spend the afternoons either in the field shooting or editing their material into a finished piece.


Tom Donohue,


Tom is the lead instructor. As head of Laughing Dog Productions, Tom produced, shot, wrote and edited documentaries for National Geographic, The Discovery Channel and PBS for 15 years. His assignments have taken him from the war-torn streets of Afghanistan to Central American rainforests in search of jaguars. Tom is faculty at Maine Media Workshops since 2002.



Dominique LaRoche


A dynamic business woman, Dominique represents the logistical aspect of Cinewright. An adventurous French-Canadian journalist who tracks down and interviews extraordinary people living ordinary lives, Dominique wrote for the French magazine Vitality for over a decade. A storyteller, writer, interviewer and manager, Dominique is a true Cinewright.