Documentary Workshops, Cuba

Nov 26th-Dec 4th, 2016
Jan 14th-22nd, 2017
Feb 18th-26th, 2017

Mar 18th-26th, 2017
Apr 8th-16th, 2017

Click here to see student project form April 9th-17th, 2016

Create a short documentary with a National Geographic & Discovery Channel Filmmaker in one of the world's true exotic locations: Gibara, Cuba

Equipping the Adventure

Portablility, price and ease of use have placed the tools of filmmaking in the hands of anybody with a desire to communicate. Students will arrive in Cuba as a “moveable production studio,” that is to say with their camera and laptop in hand. An HDSLR is a good camera choice for its size, relative low-cost and superior image quality. But even an iPhone 6 Plus is a viable tool for documentarians. And of course traditional video cameras are welcome.

“Life is written without an eraser. Fortunately we have editing software." - Cinewright

Students should install Adobe Premiere Pro before coming to Cuba. They will learn the basics of editing starting from selecting shots to assembling a finished documentary.

Building a complete Production Package:

For students who do not own their equipment, Tom will be available for advice on building an equipment package before the trip. This is an important step in becoming a professional in today's market place; camera operators and even editors are often expected to own the equipment they use. Prices have never been lower for equipping oneself.

Today, as documentarians, we not only have the tools to perform every aspect of production, we frequently are expected to do so.

As the head of Laughing Dog Productions, Tom produced, shot, wrote and edited his own films for 15 years. His assignments have taken him from the war-torn streets of Afghanistan to Central American rainforests in search of jaguars. Tom's teaching method developed over 13 years as a faculty member at Maine Media Workshops.


An adventurous French-Canadian journalist who tracks down and interviews extraordinary people living ordinary lives, Dominique wrote for the French magazine Vitality for over a decade. A dynamic business woman, Dominique represents the logistical aspect of Cinewright. A storyteller, writer, interviewer and manager, Dominique is a true Cinewright.