Camera workshop in Gibara, Cuba

Apr 15th-23rd, 2017 - Limit 3 students.
Room & Board, Camera classes in the morning. Shooting in the afternoon and filmfestival at night.

Editing Workshop Felighsburg, Quebec

June 1st - 9th, 2017 - Learn Adobe Premiere Pro while editing together Cuba material.

Click here to see student project last year.

Travel, Explore, Create.

Just a short flight from the US, Cuba is like stepping back in time for the documentarian. Join Tom Donohue, National Geographic/Discovery Channel filmmaker and MMW educator, for an 8-day workshop on documentary story-telling techniques. Explore Cuba’s vibrant culture through a documentarian's lens. During the workshop, students will work together to research, shoot and edit a short project that will screen in the local cinema to a Cuban audience.

CinePobre is Cuba's leading international film festival celebrating low-budget filmmakers. Cinewright Workshop is proud to have been invited to participate. Our workshop's film from 2016 will screen in the festival in April 2017.

Why a workshop in Gibara, Cuba?

This is a time of monumental change in Cuba and an opportune time for us to learn and develop our talents as documentary filmmakers. The workshop is based in Gibara, a Caribbean fishing village on Cuba’s northeast coast. Here horse and carriage are still the primary form of public transportation. The town, designated a national monument, is destined to change dramatically once relations with the US are normalized. Millions of tourists are predicted to descend on the island per year. For now, the small town atmosphere of Gibara is a fascinating, welcoming environment in which to learn and practice new skills.


The combined Cuban Camera Workshop and Editing workshop will give students confidence in all aspects of filmmaking and send them home with an exotic video to show prospective employers.

"Gibara, Cuba's best-kept secret." England's Guardian Newspaper

As the head of Laughing Dog Productions, Tom produced, shot, wrote and edited his own films for 15 years. His assignments have taken him from the war-torn streets of Afghanistan to Central American rainforests in search of jaguars. Tom's teaching method developed over 13 years as a faculty member at Maine Media Workshops.


An adventurous French-Canadian journalist who tracks down and interviews extraordinary people living ordinary lives, Dominique wrote for the French magazine Vitality for over a decade. A dynamic business woman, Dominique represents the logistical aspect of Cinewright. A storyteller, writer, interviewer and manager, Dominique is a true Cinewright.